Bobcat Auger – 35PH Attachment

Dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy using a Bobcat® auger attachment. Choose from a direct drive auger for an optimum balance between torque and RPM, or a gear-driven planetary auger for applications that require the most torque. Multiple bit types and teeth to match your digging conditions. Gain extra digging depth over competitive units

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Bobcat Auger – 35PH Attachment

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 285 lb
Length 39.7 in
Width 11.6 in
Height 11.4 in
Dig Depth (without extensions) 72 in
Operating Weight (Less Bit) 454 lb
Speed Low
Torque High

Key Features

Added Digging Depth Gain an extra foot of dig depth over competitive units because the entire drive unit follows the bit into the hole. Watch the digging depth challenge to see how other brands compare.
Improved Torque Bobcat® auger attachments deliver greater torque when it matters most. All augers have published torque ratings, but performance on the jobsite matters most. The torque challenge video evaluates the difference.
Direct Drive Provides optimum balance between torque and RPM. Other brands use a planetary auger drive with more moving parts, greater maintenance needs and higher operating costs. Watch the maintenance comparison video to see for yourself.
Combination Hex and Round Output Shaft A patented Bobcat technology, the combination output shaft allows for both hex and round bits to be utilized, maximizing parts versatility (models 15C and 30C).
Versatile Mounting System Easy and efficient for attaching the auger to the carrier. Quickly and easily switch to a variety of multiple carriers.
Unique Knuckle Joint Design Allows the auger to dig vertical holes even if your Bobcat unit is on uneven terrain.
Auger Bits and Teeth A wide variety to match your digging conditions.
Bobcat of North Texas