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Which compact tractor size is right for you? Choose from four different tractor classes for every project need. View the different options we have for sale below to get more information.


Easy-to-use sub-compact tractors pack a lot of power into a small frame size to efficiently maneuver around barns and sheds on your small acreage. Larger than lawn or garden tractors, they offer a Category 1 3-point hitch, a range of horsepower from 21 to 25 hp, mid and rear power take-off (PTO) hydrostatic transmission and standard four-wheel drive (4WD/4×4) to make quick work of mowing, maintaining driveways year-round and other light-duty tasks.


A popular size class of economical compact tractors is strong enough for big jobs but small enough to work in tight areas. Select machines offer a choice of transmission, either manual-shift or hydrostatic. Standard features include a range of horsepower from 25 to 40 hp, four-wheel drive (4WD/4×4), a Category 1 3-point hitch and rear PTO. Select models feature a heated and air-conditioned deluxe enclosed tractor cab for year-round productivity.


These powerful compact tractors feature an open-cab to make it easy to get on and off the tractor frequently throughout the day when changing implements or loading materials. They offer four-wheel drive (4WD/4×4), a range of horsepower from 45 to 58 hp, a Category 1 3-point hitch and rear PTO for using a variety of powerful implements. Select models offer a choice of a synchronized manual transmission for shift-on-the-fly functionality or hydrostatic transmission, a good choice for novice compact tractor operators.


Fully equipped 5000 Platform compact tractors deliver more horsepower along with a premium, factory-installed cab loaded with comfort features. Each model offers electronic hydrostatic transmission for the ultimate in simplicity and ease of direction change, near effortless input on the travel pedal and other deluxe features. Standard features include four-wheel drive (4WD/4×4), a range of horsepower from 45 to 58 hp, a Category 1 3-point hitch and rear PTO to power implements. When you need it all, these compact tractors deliver.

Our Tractor Fleet is Built Tough

When your tractor is comfortable and easy to use, long days and a long list of projects are no problem. Bobcat compact tractors offer many comfort features, including a suspension seat that absorbs vibrations and bumps, an enclosed radio-ready cab (available on select models) plus low-noise, low-vibration engines.

Easy-to-use ergonomic controls require less effort. Extras like power steering, cruise control and a cab-integrated joystick lever make it simple and comfortable to operate the equipment. It’s more like an extension of you.

They’re simple to service, too, with an accessible engine compartment so you can make daily maintenance checks from one side of the engine. There are no panels to remove when you need access to the engine. The one-piece engine hood lifts easily for access to fluid fills and filters.

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Bobcat Utility Tractors are built for any kind of work to help with agriculture, small farm, landscaping, lawn, and your acreage at home. Performance and utility are always No. 1 with any Bobcat machine, and our new compact, sub-compact, and small tractors are no exception. Powerful, easy-to-use compact tractors deliver the legendary quality our construction equipment is known for, but built for ranch, farm and property owners like you. With a range of sizes and horsepower for sale, we have the perfect tractor for any job.

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