Bobcat Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point – HB2380 Attachment

Turn your compact loader or excavator into a powerfully precise demolition machine. Provides powerful force to break through concrete, rock, and asphalt effortlessly. Delivers maximum efficiency by matching hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker, allowing consistent machine-to- breaker performance. Provides a quieter and smoother operation while still maintaining blows per minute.

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Bobcat Hydraulic Breaker with Nail Point – HB2380 Attachment

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 903 lb
Length 62.5 in
Width 17.4 in
Height 19.9 in
Blows per minute 910
Blows per minute Flow 33 gal/min
Impact Energy Class 1000 ft.-lb (1356 J)
Tool Diameter 3.8 in

Key Features

Expand all Auto Power The auto power regulates pressure automatically, ensuring hydraulic breaker operation regardless of changes in outdoor temperature, delivering maximum performance across a large range of carriers. It also limits excessive pressure at the time of start-up, preventing possible downtime.
Breaker Cradle The cylindrical design improves access to jobs in confined areas, providing accurate attachment operation in more operating environments.
Carrier Versatility Quickly and easily switch the hydraulic breaker attachment from a loader to an excavator with the Bob-Tach® and X-Change™ attachment mounting systems, maximizing attachment utility.
Easy, Minimal Maintenance Designed for minimum downtime, the internal power cell has fewer moving parts. Also, the attachment design includes only 12 main service parts, reducing time spent on maintenance and improving overall lifetime of the attachment.
Easy Mounting The Bob-Tach and X-Change attachment mounting systems make attachment mounting easy, decreasing amount of time spent attaching and increasing amount of time spent operating.
Energy Chamber with Diaphragm Offering a distinct Bobcat® advantage, the energy chamber keeps the nitrogen pressure constant that maintains attachment performance. No periodic charging required, making it virtually maintenance free.
Quite Operation The upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the breaker from the housing, reducing noise and vibration to deliver operator comfort without sacrificing performance.
Hose Guard Protects hoses and fittings from damage when working in tight spaces, providing uptime protection while increasing the utility of the attachment.
Steel Ring System An innovative Bobcat feature, the steel ring system retains the tool bushing and protects the grease access and provides for quick tool changes.
Go/No-Go Gauge The gauge allows the operator to quickly verify three critical wear areas. The gauge indicates whether components meet spec or not – no measuring required.
Single Lower Bushing Most models only have a single lower bushing that is easily replaceable on the job.
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