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Tri-City Animal Shelter

Tri-City Animal Shelter

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Volunteering with Tri-City Animal Shelter

On November 18th, the Bobcat of North Texas location in Cedar Hill volunteered at the Tri-City Animal Shelter. They walked dogs, washed dogs and a pig (!) as well as cleaned and organized the shelter. This was a great team building event, and the guys had a lot of fun in the process. The store later participated with the Tri-City Animal Shelter at a shared booth for Holiday on the Hill, and made a cash donation toward food for the animals.

Photo 1: Store Manager Billy Childers with Service Technicians Jeff Massey and Travis Watts fill large Kong toys with peanut butter for stimulation and activity for the dogs.

Photo 2: Service Technician Andrew Florence gives the thumbs up as he sweeps the hallways at the shelter.

Photo 3: Service Admin Cody Fine and Service Technician Jeff Massey pose on a bench with a very happy dog in their care during the event.

Photo 4:
Dallas County Sales Specialist Nick Rubalcava is all smiles with his shelter dog on November 18, 2023.

Photo 5: The group posed with the family members who attended the volunteer day at Tri-City Animal Shelter with them.

Bobcat of North Texas